SABIC ‘strategic partner’ to MISK Global Forum in support of youth empowerment

16 Nov 2016SABIC strategic partner to MISK Global Forum

SABIC is a “strategic partner” to the three-day MISK Global Forum, which opened in Riyadh on November 15 in the presence of global organization leaders, representatives from the public and private sectors, international and local media, and a large number of young people from Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Representing SABIC were Abdulaziz Al-Oudan, EVP, Human Resources, Uwaidh Al-Harethi, EVP, Innovation & Business Development, Yaarob Al-Thenayan, Leader, Corporate Communications & Government Relations, and Khalid Mohammed Al-Sufayan, Director, Global Events & Corporate Relations and Global Corporate Social Responsibility.

SABIC’s strategic partnership of the Forum was in line with its key national objective of contributing to the building of human resources and empowering the youth for sustainable development of their community and country.

The Forum provided an opportunity for SABIC representatives to engage in dialogue and discussions with young people and leaders of international organizations. More than 20 SABIC representatives are participating in the Forum, demonstrating the company’s encouragement to its employees to engage closely with the community.

SABIC also sponsored the first working lunch of the Forum, which was attended by a number of young participants and leaders.

The Forum, first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, has won international media acclaim, reflecting its importance as a global platform to enhance the role of the Kingdom’s youth in nation building, and expose them to best international practices.

Several entrepreneurs and business leaders spoke on important subjects at different sessions, including Youth of Saudi Arabia, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Innovation from Behavioral Perspective, Investing Hobbies in Business, and Togetherness to Approach the New Global Entrepreneurship System. At other workshops, young participants discussed how to lead a variety of initiatives on Innovators Lab, Portable Devices Applications and Lifestyle Change, and Intergenerational Conflict.

Towards the end of the first day, the audience listened to a general session, titled Flying in Serious Skies: the Space of 2030, and to the second youth speech, 2030 Generation. To conclude the first day, an inspiring speech was delivered, under the title Innovation in Entertainment is Louder than Words.

On the second day, the sessions addressed a number of important topics, such as The digital Revolution in the Face of Jobs in the Future, The Art of Making Decisions, Driving in the Eye of the Storm, Creating a Personal Brand, Accelerating the Growth of Emerging Companies in Saudi Arabia, Challenges and Opportunities, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, Understanding and Configuring Entrepreneurship Trends, The Future of the Planet, Turning Sustainability into Reality, and Knowledge as an Engine for Innovation.

SABIC strategic partner to MISK Global Forum