SABIC Participates in First Saudi Aramco Quality Conference With Papers on Performance Measurement and Reliability Excellence

24 Nov 2016

SABIC participated in the first Saudi Aramco Quality Conference, “Quality is Everyone’s Business”, in Dhahran in November 2016, presenting papers on two key topics: Performance Measurement and Reliability Excellence.

The conference is in alignment with World Quality Day 2016, which was introduced by the United Nations in 1990.

Speaking on Performance Measurement, Ziyad Abdulhamayel, Senior Manager, Ibn Rushd Maintenance Support, said that an ideal performance management system is one that energizes the people in an organization to focus effort on improving things that really matter. Performance measures must be simple to operate, understand and to act on, he said.

Abdulhamayel pointed out that most organizations measure performance using accounting measures. “In the global, technology-driven, decentralized environment, measuring financial performance, while important, is not adequate. Even if less than precise, other measures of performance are required. These measures should be capable of measuring multiple attributes of an organization,” he said.

Besides financial performance, comprehensive performance measures must also address EHSS performance, customer satisfaction, and internal business process developments, he said.

In the second paper at the conference, Sulaiman Al-Towairqi, Manager, PE Maintenance, Petrokemya, spoke on “Journey towards Reliability Excellence,” highlighting the Reliability management system at the SABIC affiliate. Reliability procedures are clear with roles and responsibilities, semi-annual and yearly internal audits are conducted, periodic monitoring is done, and monthly plant reliability meetings are held, he said.

Al-Towairqi outlined the enhancements made at Petrokemya’s Reliability and Technical Services Department. He said that a Total Reliability Program section has been incorporated, the technical sections have been reorganized on the basis of specialty, and a new program, called IMTYAZ, has been launched. IMTYAZ is a transformational program initiated to develop and deploy a comprehensive Manufacturing Excellence Management Standard (MEMS) that will set clear guidelines for global SABIC manufacturing sites towards achieving the company’s 2025 strategy objectives.