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Today it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of SABIC’s fifth Sustainability Report, Enabling Tomorrow’s Solutions. The report is a summary of the successes SABIC achieved in many areas of our business in 2015 on the journey to a more sustainable future.

SABIC has always brought enormous economic, social, and environmental benefit to the many countries where we operate all over the world. Wherever we go, we bring innovation, human development, and economic prosperity. We strive to protect the environment and – through social programs and volunteering – contribute to healthy communities.

The Sustainability Report is a portrait of this invaluable work; it is a platform to communicate SABIC’s sustainability achievements and dedication to creating a better world.

Featuring prominently in this report is the CO2 purification and utilization plant at our affiliate United in Jubail, which started operating in 2015. This ambitious project is designed to capture up to 500,000 tons of CO2 every year before purifying the gas and channeling it through a network to other SABIC affiliates to create valuable products, such as agricultural nutrients.

As the largest project of its kind in the world, the plant received considerable international attention for its innovation in emission reduction, material distribution through a manufacturing network, and operational efficiency. The project has become a beacon of sustainable development, an example of the business value of cross-site integration, and a showcase to the world of SABIC’s ambitions and capabilities as a global leader.

With achievements such as this, SABIC is setting new standards for sustainable development in the chemical industry.

Of course, this project is just one of many from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East and North Africa that feature in this report. The report divides these achievements into key topical sections: resource and energy efficiency; innovation and sustainability solutions; EHSS and product safety; supply chain; human capital; and social impacts and community relationships.

While too numerous to list here, together they are impressive reading. I encourage you to take some time to read the report and learn more about this work.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the 2015 Sustainability Report. These efforts have helped to ensure that SABIC emerged from a challenging year stronger, more sustainable, and more able to face tomorrow’s challenges than ever before.

Yousef A. Al-Benyan, Acting VC & CEO

sustainability report 2015 thumbnail
Sustainability report executive summary
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Sustainability Report 2015
Sustainability Report 2015 Executive SummarySustainability Report 2015 Technical Supplement