Technology and Innovation (T&I): Always Innovating For a Sustainable Future


At SABIC, we strive to be among the world’s most innovative organizations. Innovation is the driving force in everything we do. For us, passionate innovation is a journey in the continuous transformation of ideas to real-world solutions. SABIC T&I’s ambition is to be one of the main contributors to SABIC’s business growth. Therefore, we work closely with our strategic business units to help them improve their manufacturing processes and develop new technologies. These innovations strengthen our technical know-how and give us a vital competitive edge, allowing our customers to improve the quality and sustainability of their products.


Our CentresSABIC T&I relies on research and innovation as fundamental to achieving sustainable growth and development and supporting the company's competitiveness. To this aim, we have significant research resources across the globe, with 19 dedicated Technology & Innovation facilities in Saudi Arabia, the USA, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, China, India, and South Korea, backed by more than 10,000 patents. This global presence has enabled SABIC to tap into some of the world’s best and brightest technologists to shape the future of its R&D efforts and to meet the rapidly changing requirements in the dynamic industries. We seek to continuously improve technology, applications, and solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated marketplace looking for smarter design, enhanced functionality, and greater sustainability. At the heart of SABIC’s commitment to its customers’ success lies our ongoing drive to possess a deep understanding of their industry and regional challenges and to translate those insights into innovative solutions that uniquely address their needs. Relying on innovation, ingenuity and collaboration at its core, SABIC constantly strives to achieve a deeper understanding of its customers and their businesses. Our network of global research and technology centers is a unique environment for minds to work, where ideas are developed, and where scientific knowledge is key.


GrowthWe foresee great opportunities for growth in our Technology and Innovation division. We are working with world class universities, top international research centers and other partners from the public and private sectors to develop our research capacities in order to remain at the forefront of technology in our business. These strategic partnerships allow for the exchange of knowledge between our researchers and specialist academics in fundamental and applied research in the fields of chemistry, material science, process engineering, and analytical and application technology. For innovations that are beyond the immediate plans of individual business units, SABIC runs technology programs to research strategic topics like energy and advanced materials. Current areas of research include: non-conventional feedstock, solar-energy-related materials, flexible electronic materials, polymeric responsive materials, microalgae, bio-aromatics, bio-specialties, cost effective production of H2, the use of CO2 as a reactant, and CH4 activation. These programs lay the foundation for growing SABIC’s existing activities and creating future businesses.