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SABIC polymers are always improving. Our experts constantly find innovative ways to improve the performance of these advanced materials and their environmental performance.

Plastic Solutions

Plastics-black-pipeSABIC’S Pipe vision for the future 

As the global need for improved pipe systems across infrastructure, industry, agriculture and households continues to grow, SABIC is putting increased efforts into providing its suppliers and customers in the pipe extrusion industry with more cost-effective and sustainable solutions.    
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Plastics-metalloceneSABIC introduces new brand names for metallocene polymers 

SABIC’s new octene metallocene co-polymers are produced using a cutting edge solution process technology. This results in a unimodal and bimodal molecular structure which provides unique properties. Please meet the new brands: SABIC® SUPEER™, mLLDPE and SABIC® COHERE™, POP metallocene polymers can be applied to meet the critical needs and standards for the packaging, hygiene, agricultural and industrial films. SABIC® FORTIFY™, POE reducing weight, increasing flexibility and impact performance for industries like automotive, wire&cable and footwear.   
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Plastics-fast convertingNext SABIC Foam grades can reduce degassing time by 50% 

The first product of a new generation of LDPE foam grades can increase production efficiency at the foam manufacturer. The new SABIC LDPE “fast converting” foam grades reduce the time that semi-finished products need to be kept in storage, thanks to faster degassing of the blowing agent. SABIC® LDPE 2102FC is the first in a series of products that combine up to 50% savings in degassing  time—reducing the foam manufacturer’s inventory—and an improvement in production efficiency of up to 5% through less production waste and better foam consistency.  
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Plastics - home appliancesSolutions for Home Appliances 

With a rapidly growing global population, it is expected that a billion new customers will spend between $10 and $100 a day by 2020. This growth drives the global consumer industry’s development, whilst at the same time providing them a number of challenges: developing products that meet regulatory requirements, creating aesthetic and lightweight designs, and lowering costs and facilitating easy manufacturing. To meet these challenges SABIC has revised its journey to focus on the new demands of the home appliances market, conscious of grades that balance performance, value and innovation. 
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